Empower your Field Technicians with Powerful Features of FieldPie in Water, Gas, Solar, Wind and other utility Projects

Field Force Management,Real Time Field Visibility

Visibility & Mobility

Improve your field operations with real-time field visibility;

  • Monitor all Field activities geo-tagged
  • Better manage work quality
  • Keep in touch with your field force
  • Dispatch the right field force to right task
  • Data from the field will turn into meaningful data on your dashboard

Mobile Data Collection

Easiest way to collect data from the field;

  • Create your own mobile forms
  • Capture photos
  • Access Real-time GPS locations
  • Capture all data whether you’re Offline or Online
  • Share information collected from the field with back office
Mobile Data Collection-Utilities
Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule & Dispatch

Optimize Job Scheduling by;

  • Worker based skills
  • Predefined service region
  • Priority of the task
  • And any other criteria you choose

Field Force Management suite designed to increase productivity