Perfect for Field Operations of Insurance Field Service, from Inspector Scheduling to Claims

Field Force Management,Real Time Field Visibility

Field Force Management with real time visibility

Improve your field operations with real-time field visibility;

  • Monitor all Field activities geo-tagged
  • Better manage work quality
  • Keep in touch with your field force
  • Dispatch the right field force to right task
  • Data from the field will turn into meaningful data on your dashboard

Mobile Data Collection

Easiest way to collect data from the field;

  • Create your own mobile forms
  • Capture photos
  • Access Real-time GPS locations
  • Capture all data whether you’re Offline or Online
  • Share information collected from the field with back office
Mobile Data Collection-Insurence
Offline or Online Support

Online/Offline Support

For Field Force working with no network coverage;

  • Fill out forms
  • Record time and activities
  • Do all your field activities without interruption even if network connection is not available
  • Let FieldPie handle synchronization of data automatically when network is available again

Team Collaboration and Messaging

Allow your team to send messages and enhance team communication;

  • Communicate with team members instantly
  • Share documents
  • Send announcements
  • Communicate with groups or individuals

Powerful Features Designed to Increase Productivity In The Field