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Field Force Management,Real Time Field Visibility

Field Force Management with real time visibility

Track all your field force activities real time with the powerful mobile technology of FieldPie.

Monitor all activities geo-tagged such as sales data, field service data, customer or contact information, photos, schedules, customer visits, work time and routing data.

Sort out photos and other information by time, location, customer, and field force. Easily keep in touch with your field force using the easy collaboration tool. Schedule tasks, dispatch field force with powerful optimization engine and manage activities. FieldPie provides detailed or brief rundown reports so that you always stay up to date with your field force as well as customers.

Schedule & Dispatch

FieldPie’s advanced scheduling capabilities empower you to quickly and efficiently assign available field force to the right work orders, and deliver total visibility to the entire operation.

Use automated scheduling in real time to reduce expenses. Plan multiple call out jobs, prioritize important service calls and manage complex shift schedules.

You can create schedules for a number of work orders at the same time. By dispatching the right field force to the right particular job, you will make sure your customer satisfaction will increase automatically as you watch your field operation costs go down.

With FieldPie’s mobile app, your field force no longer have to carry around any paperwork; they can report real-time job status information to the back office.

Schedule & Dispatch
Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection

FieldPie enables you to collect :

  • Real-Time GPS Location
    • Collect data from the field in real time
  • Enriched and Accurate Data
    • Manage all field activities in a “data driven” fashion with FieldPie. Any anomaly is detected instantly to improve performance.
  • Any Field Operation Data, Offline or Online
    • Complete field job with no interruption whether or not you are connected to internet. Leave synchronization hassle to FieldPie
  • Geo-Tagged data
    • View maps and projects in the field, and access your schedules instantly from the field.

Custom Mobile Forms

Create and manage feature-rich mobile forms, surveys and simple polls by using friendly user interface with no coding or programming skills required. Setup your own mobile forms within minutes and deploy them to the field force’s mobile devices instantly.

Start collecting accurate data instantly from the field either online or offline and share the information received from the field.

Every form can be uniquely customized to your needs; surveys, mystery shopping, store audits, field inspections or any forms you may ever need.

You can instantly highlight on-site issues by embedding photos directly into mobile forms.
Use export tools to directly transform flexible mobile forms into common file types, such as .XLS, .XLSX and .CSV.

Custom Mobile Forms
QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Invoices issued in the field are automatically synchronized with QuickBooks;

  • Sync customer, invoice and payment information
  • All invoices at one place
  • Easily send invoices to QuickBooks
  • Eliminate Double Data Entry

Marketing and Sales Activities

FieldPie not only enables you to make presentations of your products in the field but also supports the whole Sales Cycle with Product Management, Quotation, Purchase and Sales Orders. With easy access to relevant information from one place, you know your clients better and follow up on leads faster.

Manage your sales workflow by quickly generating purchase orders from any location.

You can see the entire product list from your mobile device, or filter products according to their categories and access presentations of your products with mobile devices. Streamline the sales process by simply creating and filling out purchase orders. Conclude your sales cycle by recording the desired amount of each product, applying discounts and tax, adding any additional notes, and collecting the customer’s signature.

Increase the sales figures and effectiveness of the Field Force with FieldPie and close more deals in less time.

Marketing and Sales Activities
Field Service Management

Field Service Management

FieldPie’s flexible, secure mobility platform enables the field workforce to quickly accept jobs, access critical data with real-time, use GPS to find nearby parts & get directions, order parts, enter work details & expenses, take pictures, notes & payments, fill-out and submit checklists, and capture signatures.

Use powerful tools to record time and activities, and capture all details in the field online or offline. With FieldPie’s automated schedule and dispatch processes; save time and increase the consistency of field service activities as you increase customer satisfaction.


Gamification “platform” allows you to see how each field force is performing with leaderboard stats; updated in real time.

Easily break routines by turning daily tasks into competition; create appealing contests, earn badges for each completed task. Track wins, stay on top of the game; improve productivity through motivation.

Offline or Online Support

Online/Offline Support

Field force can view, edit, and enter information whether they are connected to the Internet or not, without any interruption on their workflows.

Any changes that have been made by the managers are also reflected in field force’s mobile devices as soon as they are synchronized automatically. Field force can also capture new information by creating drafts of new records like accounts, contacts, and activities while off line.

FieldPie stores all the activities performed by the field force in the local database so that once connection is regained, it can pull all the entered data and sync. It provides seamless mobile offline synchronization.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

FieldPie collects any kind of data from the field smoothly, online or offline. And when it comes to analyzing and reporting this data, FieldPie provides a powerful “analytics tool” and dashboards; so that you can always monitor your organization’s key metrics.

Using dashboards and reports you can easily visualize the field activities and make meaningful comparisons, identify patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data.

Opportunity Management

You can manage your opportunity pipeline visually to make sure you convert any opportunities to sales as easy as possible. FieldPie’s intuitive opportunity management platform really makes conversion easy so that you can identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs with the right approach.

You can focus on your opportunities that matter the most, take actions and collaborate on them to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deals according to their stage, and optimizing deal-related interactions. FieldPie’s opportunity management tool helps you achieve your sales target goals in the most direct and easy manner.

Team Collaboration

FieldPie’s team collaboration software includes messaging, feeds (billboard) and file sharing capabilities that help managers stay connected with the field force, and make it easier for them to manage activities in the field.

Use FieldPie’s seamless collaboration tool to place the right information in the hands of the field force when the information is needed. It helps your field force to work better together, and allows them to meet business.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration with other systems

FieldPie provides API (Application Programming Interface) for integrating it’s modules with third-party applications such as, accounting, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals and others. With FieldPie API, you can extract your CRM data in JSON format and develop new applications or integrate field data with your existing business applications. As the FieldPie API is independent of any programming languages, you can develop applications in any programming language of your preference to make sure FieldPie is integrated to your systems in a seamless fashion. (Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc.).

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